Learn how to introduce a design perspective to achieve faster change

Annika Klyver, IRM is running a workshop together with EDA at the opening Enterprise Design Seminar at the INTERSECTION19 conference in Lisbon the 16th september 2019.

The workshop Running Enterprise Design Sprints for Faster Change is designed for Enterprise, Business and Process Architects and Business Analysts. This workshop has been run before in 2018 in Stockholm and in London. 

”The training helped me pinpoint the key changes that Enterprise Design Sprints bring to the GV approach: mapping includes business capabilities and processes, ideation has less of a ’game-changer’ role, validation involves system dependencies not just desirability by the user… All in the ambition to design change that can actually be delivered.” — Nicolas Enjalbert, Design Director, NUMA Paris

Learnings from the workshop will be; how to introduce a design perspective to innovate and initiate changes in your enterprise. You will also learn how deep knowledge of the enterprise/business architecture is used to work with constraints and opportunities, guiding you and your team to a solution that is possible to deliver in your current enterprise.

To get more information about the seminar, the conference and to register follow this link

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