The Milky Enterprise Design Way

Welcome to learn more about how the Milky Way can help you take the next step to create faster innovation and change. A change grounded in your business’ situation. During this course you learn how to use the Milky Way to rapidly innovate and facilitate faster changes using an Enterprise Design Sprint.


We accomplish this by combining the Milky Way with Enterprise Design and see how Enterprise Design Sprints are a fast, workable approach to the whole business, (not only IT). This enables us to go from the big picture, to details and back to the big picture again: making the links visible, tracing performance and decisions, and engaging stakeholders.

For who

This is for you who are interested in design sprints and have some knowledge of the Milky Way model and way of work. Your ambition should be to learn how to leverage the Milky Way and go for faster change, connect to customer experience and innovation.

Topics day one

  • Introduction to Strategic Enterprise Design – the core principles
  • Enterprise Design Sprint – going through the Design Sprint phases
  • Engage, Understand the big picture – stakeholders, key aspects, framing, planning and investing
  • Discover, 360° look into the details – gather information, research and analysis about users, systems, and business perspectives
  • Define: Create conceptual models – scenario modelling, overcoming bias, develop integrated and connected views on the enterprise

Topics day two

  • Experiment: Generate tangible ideas – designing, illustrating and prototyping
  • Validate: Get a reality check – prototypes of potential solutions, testing assumptions, assessing concepts from test results and feedback
  • Implement: Make it reality – Turning validated designs into assets, activating change agents, syncing with Agile and Lean, transformation process
  • Delivery: Let it fly and keep it in the air – Managing portfolio of opportunities, governance and improvement processes, measuring success based on strategic impact

Learn more

To learn more about the Enterprise Design Sprint approach, please watch the introduction video

The original methodology around Design Sprints invented by GV and popularized by Google is found here

The book about the Milky Way methodology

The Intersection on Enterprise Design book


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Where: IRM, Garvargatan 9C, Stockholm

Price: According to agreement

If you have any questions

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You will meet

Annika Klyver, Enterprise Architect

Annika Klyver is an Enterprise Architect consultant at IRM, and a highly appreciated teacher in EA, the Swedish training program ”Certifierad Verksamhetsarkitekt” since 2011. She is also one of the founders of NEA a Swedish online community for Enterprise Architecture with over 1400 members. Annika is a frontrunner in Business Architecture when it comes to the ways of work and the visualization of business architecture.

Cecilia Nordén, Business & Enterprise Architecture

Cecilia Nordén is a senior Consultant at IRM in Business and Enterprise Architecture. She has worked with everything from business development, management, marketing, customer and partner relations, to IT-development, start-ups and financial monitoring. Cecilia has a holistic perspective on what it takes for a business to succeed and how different areas within a company effect each other.

Milan Guenther, Enterprise Designer

Milan Guenther is managing partner at eda.c, a European strategic design consultancy with offices in Paris and Düsseldorf. He is the author of INTERSECTION, a book introducing the Enterprise Design approach for holistic design in complex enterprises. He works with Google, SAP, Boeing, Toyota and the UN, as well as smaller organisations and startups. Milan is a professional designer since over 12 years. Before co-founding eda.c, he worked as a freelance UX strategist and created a social software startup.

Benjamin Falke, Enterprise Designer

Benjamin Falke is a co-founder and managing director of eda, a strategic design consultancy based in Paris and Düsseldorf. Benjamin has worked on strategic design initiatives for organizations of all sizes from different industries for several years. He focuses on aligning perspectives of people, business, and technology to create impactful strategies and concepts.